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  • Following very successful family meetings in 2017 and 2018, the only dedicated SATB2-associated syndrome clinic in the United States will once again take place in Little Rock, Arkansas, July 25-26, 2019.  After the evaluation of dozens of individuals with this rare genetic disorder, the SAS team at Arkansas Children´s Hospital has vast experience with the common medical and neurodevelopmental issues that are often found in this population. For further information and to sign up for the clinic please visit or contact Katie Bosanko:
  • The SATB2 gene foundation is now established!
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  • Eligh

    Eligh's story

    “My beautiful son Eligh was seven years old when he received his diagnosis –SATB2 Associated Syndrome.

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia's story

    For the parents in this group….Regardless of our children having the same genetic make-up, they all will be their own little person.

  • Javi

    Javi's Story

    “Javier (“Javi”) is a sweet, happy, loving boy. He LOVES cars and trucks, and always has a car or truck in hand.

  • Claire

    Claire's story

    Sweet Claire was born in late 2013. She was the perfect addition to our little family, a sweet baby girl that was desperately wanted..